Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Favorite Cookbook

I must admit, about a year ago I thought there was no point in buying another cookbook.  After all you can find a recipe for anything online.  I have my favorite food blogs that I get recipes off of all the time, and I started thinking that cookbooks are only for "older people" who don't know how to use the internet.  That is until my mom bought me a new cookbook last year, and it is official I have fallen in love!

That's right, I have fallen in love with a cookbook... my husband would be jealous but he is not and he fully supports my love for this cookbook.  He says it is the best thing to ever happen to our kitchen.  Now anytime I want to make something I ALWAYS check the red cookbook (as we like to call it) first before I even go online.  I have been using this cookbook for over a year and I have tried so many recipes and everyone of them have been incredible!  You would never guess that Summer Berry Gratin, Quick Tomato Sauce, Easy Chicken Enchiladas, Guacamole, or Cream of Tomato Soup could be so good, just to name a few recipes that I have loved.  My aunt who is an incredible cook and has been cooking for 40 years or so got this cookbook and she said that almost every recipe she has tried has replaced her old recipe!

The cookbook is called The America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook (Third Edition) and it is a must have!

Not only are the recipes amazing but the instructions are very detailed and they have so many great tips and tricks throughout the book.  Another great thing about the book is at the beginning they have a buying guide. In the buying guide it goes through all the kitchen tools and gadgets that you should have and they recommend which brand they like the best.  

They also have a Healthy Family Cookbook which I just found out about and from what I hear it is great as well.  I want to get this cookbook as well, I have heard that there are a lot of recipes that are similar to the one I already have just made with less fat, but I think it will still be worth having. 

But the next cookbook I am going to add to my collection is this one... 

I could not be more excited about it!  Their baked goods in the cookbook I have are to die for, so I can't even imagine how much I would love this baking book!  

I know these cookbooks are available at most stores, they retail for about $34.95 each.  However, I saw the Family Cook Book and the Healthy Family Cookbook at Costco a little while ago and they were about $22-24 each, which is a really good deal.  I also know you can find them for a great price online. 

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